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David Hutchinson of Program Partners


Medland: You’re listening to WebmasterRadio.FM. My name is Meredith Medland. Sitting right across from me on the show floor of Chicago ad:tech is David Hutchinson. He’s the SVP of Business Development over at Program Partners. He’s much more than that, you’re on the board of directors for ad:tech, you’d been around for a long time. You’re a veteran in the industry. You’ve done a great favor to all of us at this conference and that’s hooking us up with Hunter Hastings. We just gone done talking to him. He’s the CEO of the EMM group and provided some amazing information on the state of marketing, where it’s going and what’s going on.

David, I’d love for you to break it down for us today. We just talked to him a little bit. But take some of that high level stuff and reiterate the key concepts that you heard.


Hutchinson: Yes. Well, it’s interesting. God bless, Hunter for you know, (a) coming to sort of give the presentation that he did and to condense it the way he did in fairly succinct terms. I mean, what he is talking about is nothing less than this sort of operational organizational transformation of this sort of the 20th century industrial corporation with their department and silo’s sort of product centric, business disciplines. Literally, transforming that American corporation that we’ve known for a hundred of years, into a more informational, more relational, more horizontal corporate structure. Going from silo’s to cross-functional teams, which is really kind of the pesky sort of a challenge that you don’t really hear marketers typically talking about. There’s a lot that talk about how the consumer is in control, is in charge and 360 degree marketing or multi-channel marketing or the marketing mix and everybody intellectually gets that. It is critical. We do have to shift from sort of a supply side, sort of economy and mentality to a more of a respect for the demand side.

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