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Design Kitchen cofounder Sam Landers


Medland: My name is Meredith Medland, it’s time to turn on your ears and get excited to listen to some more exciting content brought right from ad:tech Chicago. Sitting in front of me is Sam Landers, who’s the Founder as well as Creative Director at Designitchen here in Chicago, Illinois. Hi Sam.

Landers: Hi, Meredith. How are you?

Meredith: I’m having a great time. I just talked to Sam a little bit before we recorded this interview. First, Sam I want you to tell everybody what Designkitchen is.

Sam: Designkitchen is an interactive firm. We specialize in branding, brand positioning, identity development and technology solutions for a wide variety of clients. Motorola, United Technologies, NutraSweet company, USG, Life Fitness and third of our work is outside of Chicago. But all of our work is technology related.

Meredith: Fantastic. Well, one of the technologies that you show me that also had phenomenal design elements was your work with Motorola. Tell our listener’s about that?

Sam: Yes. I think companies like Motorola have many audience groups. So, typically, when you go to, you’re going to get consumer information like there latest phones and gadgets. But Motorola has a significant part of their business with the networks on the streets. Their the T-Mobile, Vodafones in Europe. They’re the companies that builds the infrastructure so that your phone works.

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