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Freeman Braswell of YellowPages


Medland: My name is Meredith Medland. You’re listening to WebmasterRadio.FM. I’m sitting right here with the General Sales Manager for, his name is Freeman Braswell. Freeman, welcome to our show.


Braswell: Thank you, Meredith. I’m very happy to be here.

Meredith: Freeman, Id just ask you, if you could have any outcome from this interview, what would it be? I’d like you to share a little bit about what you told me but mainly, it was you wanted to really inspire and educate online advertising agencies.

Freeman: Absolutely. We really want to get the message across to the advertising agency community that provides resource and information to consumers who are ready to buy. When they’re shopping and they’re looking for a name or address or a phone number, they’re going to, they’re looking for that information, they’re going and they’re buying once they’ve come to visit our site. We want to make the agencies aware that can play a very important part in the overall media mix that they create for their clients in terms of television has a role, newspaper has a role, outdoor has a role, has a very important role in that customer buying cycle. Again, that’s serving up a phone number, an address, a name, so that consumer can go to that store, that location and buy what they’re looking for.

Meredith: Fantastic. Well, good. We want to make sure that we get that message out there. What it’s like doing sales on the show floor at ad:tech?

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