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Mark Lipko of Zango


Medland: You’re listening to Webmaster Radio, my name is Meredith Medland. I’m sitting here on the show floor of ad:tech in some plush, royal blue suede, beautiful, big chairs. I’m right here with Mark Ippolito, he’s the VP of Sales for Zango. So, is what you want to pull up on your Web browser. Alright. So, Mark, you’re speaking tomorrow here at ad:tech Chicago and you’re going to be telling us some tips. Tell us about that session.


Ippolito: Thanks, Meredith. Yes, the session for tomorrow, we’re going to talk a little bit about the content economy that Zango is building. How Web publishers can actually contribute to building out that content economy and ultimately, reap the rewards by making some additional money off the traffic that they have to come in to their websites.

Meredith: Fantastic! So, this is a nice spin the show instead of selling us something, you’re going to tell us how we can make money.

Mark: That’s right. That’s right. Yes, we currently have over 1,200 website publishers in our network today, who both distribute content that they own and hold copyrights to, as well as syndicate content from other publishers with whom Zango has established partner relationships. The benefit to the publishers is that they get to monetize the traffic through the Zango desktop advertising clients that allows them to monetize the traffic coming to their sites. The users actually get the benefit of that free content that is sponsored by advertisers, who then advertised through Zango to reach those consumers. So, it’s a win-win all around.

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