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Peter Ford of SCAInteractive


Medland: You’re listening to WebmasterRadio.FM, my name is Meredith Medland and I’m right here with Peter Fort from SCAinteractive.

Peter, tell us about SCAinteractive.

Peter Fort: SCAinteractive is one of the original online vendors for contests and promotions. We had our start, my start in the online side in 1993, which was when people barely own computers and we do sweepstakes contests, promotions. We’re currently running the largest promotion in North America right now, which is the McDonald’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Very exciting.

Meredith: Tell us a little bit more about that promotion.

Peter: Well, the McDonald’s promotion is huge, absolutely mammoth. In McDonald’s case, every Big Mac, every large shake, every French fry you buy has a unique ten-digit pin number on it. This pin number, you can take and if you enter the pin number, you can find out if you win one of 28 Volvos in 28 days.

The best part is they are doing these pins through three different gateways. In other words, when you get the pin off the side of your Big Mac, you can go to your cellphone and text in the pin number, that’s gateway 1, or you can go to your cellphone and call in the number with your voice, that’s gateway 2, or you can go online and actually see a really sharp flash presentation and enter the number and find out if you won.

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