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Peter Prestipino of Website Magazine


Medland: Hi, my name is Meredith Medland and I’m here with Pete Prestipino. He’s the editor of Website Services Magazine, which you’ve seen in the racks here at ad:tech in Chicago, as well as you can certainly find online. Pete, this issue this month is about E-Commerce and next month is affiliate marketing. Tell us more about this magazine.


Prestipino: We launched our magazine back in November of 2005. We’ve been on the tradeshow circuit. We’ve been going to ad:tech, coasting con Affiliate Summit just last week and we’re just really excited to be in the industry and publishing a magazine that we think is helpful for what we call the Long Tail. That’s the 90% of the web consumers that are driving the money on the web. We’re just excited to provide very practical information.

Meredith: You have a booth here at ad:tech?

Pete: We do. We’re over there on the corner, but we’re signing up a lot of people today. I think we have about 300 today so far. Ad:tech has been really good to us.

Meredith: Fantastic. What’s unique about your magazine compared to the other industry trades?

Pete: We’re focused on very practical information. For example, next issue we have an article about do-it-yourself affiliate programs, how to use those practically. We tend to shy away from case studies and focus more on the tools and tactics that successful web companies use to get the attention and notoriety that people aspired to. Again, it’s good information and it’s practical information. We’ve people from all over the US and Canada calling us everyday saying, “Thank you for sending it to us.” It’s just generally good information that anybody can read an article quickly and implement our suggestions or expert suggestions. We have a lot of great writers, on-staff and great contributors providing just helpful information.

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