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SimpleFeed CEO Mark Carlson


Medland: You’re listening to Webmaster Radio. My name is Meredith Medland, I’m here with Mark Carlson who’s the CEO and Founder of Simple Feed which is an RSS provider. Welcome to our show, Mark.


Carlson: Thanks, Meredith.

Meredith: RSS, what are the obstacles for companies using RSS right now?

Mark: Well, RSS is gaining a lot of publicity, it’s very exciting. But some of the things that are slinging down right now is that only about 10% of people are actually consuming RSS feeds right now, that’s up from almost nothing a year ago. But one of the really exciting things about RSS is that RSS readers are being built into all future operating systems, most importantly, Windows Vista which ships in January this year. So, that’s part of the reason there’s so much excitement around RSS.

Meredith: So, we can actually count on RSS being a mainstay within the Internet?

Mark: Yes. So, one of the great things about the future RSS readers like Vista is that it makes it really, really easy to subscribe to RSS feeds. Your browser, Outlook and so forth will just give you a little light up. You know, lets you know there’s a feed there, you click it and you’re subscribed. It takes it in the world of geeky technology into a mainstream area.

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