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Mythbusting SEO Strategies and Theories with Dori Friend

Welcome to our very first MYTH BUSTING episode!

If you’re an SEO nerd, this episode will be a dream come true! There is no one who can talk shop so authoritatively as Dori Friend from SEO Intelligence Agency (SIA). In SIA,she and Kyle Roof perform single variant testing on as many SEO factors as we, her subscribers can dream up. She’s the reason I can make SEO decisions for my client’s based on FACTS and not correlation or conjecture.

In this episode, Dori and I talk through some of the more popular SEO Strategies and theories, even some taught by Moz and reveal which ones are truths that you should be incorporating into your SEO strategies and which are myths that have been busted!

For a cheat Sheet of Dori’s Onsite SEO tips, go to:

Here is What You Can Look Forward To:

:55 – Learn how Dori Friend  bounced back from losing a million dollars in domain

Inventory in 2012 and then created the SEO Intelligence Agency.

2:25 – Correlation studies vs. Case studies.

5:55 – Myth or Truth: Is overuse of caps harmful?

7:00 – Myth or Truth: Does adding more than one keyword in your title create over optimization?

7:50 – Whether the keyword should be in the front, the middle, or the back.

8:30 – You need to have your keyword in the title tag. That is the most important thing.

9:43 – Myth or Truth: Linking to your homepage from your homepage gives you a slight boost.

12:00 – Myth or Truth:  LSI vs. Keywords, everyone’s favorite topic.

14:30 – Myth or Truth: On-page Keyword Placement

16:33 – Moz myths that we have confirmed or busted.

17:28 – Myth or Truth: You should Optimize for clicks instead of keywords.

19:40 – How huge is engagement?

20:30 – Myth or Truth: EMDs (exact match domain) no longer work (and may even hurt you)

21:28 – Myth or Truth: Having a keyword in the URL is also a ranking factor?

22:00 – Myths or Truths re: Paid Links

24:55 – Myth or Truth: Optimizing for multiple keywords gives you more SEO lift

26:00 – Myth or Truth: Favicons add ranking value

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