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Domain Investor Frank Schilling and Roland LaPlante

Monte is joined by domain investor Frank Schilling. Frank Schilling coined the term domain investor, describing those who invest in high value generic domain names for the purpose of future development.

The phrase never really caught on and today industry participants in this space are collectively known as domainers. Frank Schilling patented the Generic Top Level Domain Rerouting System in 2003, financed the Caribbeans first ICANN accredited domain name registrar in 2004, joined as a member of the ICANN business constituency and cofounded the non profit Internet Commerce Association in 2006.
Also on the program is Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer of Afilias. Afilias is a global leader in advanced back end domain name registry services and provides a wide range of advanced capabilities essential to the smooth and efficient operation of any Internet domain name registry.

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