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Contextually Connecting And Activating Audiences On The Move

Today on Fjorgecast Tim is joined by David Krupp, the CEO at Kinetic Worldwide. David is a creative leader with traditional and digital media experience who understands how to deliver a profitable specialist agency. Charts a meaningful strategic course for clients which puts audiences out-of-home at the center to capture consumers during the 70% of their day they are on the move. Keenly aware the importance of data and uses it to connect and align audiences to content and media. Optimizes company resource to support increased billing and revenue. They talk about his business kinetic worldwide. Kinetic is the global leader in contextually connecting and activating audiences on the move. With operations in 250 countries worldwide, Kinetic has the scale, partnerships, and contextual expertise to deliver the most efficient and accountable marketing solutions. What makes us different is that we use insights, powered by data and technology, to understand the entire customer journey, from the physical and digital to the emotional. And we infuse these insights into everything we do to create innovative, relevant experiences that drive people to take action.

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