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Tony Crabbe: Business Psychologist Part 2

Tony Crabbe is a Business Psychologist who splits his time between writing and consulting with companies including Microsoft, Disney, News Corporation and HSBC. As a psychologist he focuses on how people think, feel and behave at work. Whether working with leaders, teams or organizations, at its core his work is all about doing things differently. This means delivering lasting behavioural change by approaching problems unusually. For example he facilitated a project in Kenya and Peru which won the Optimas International Award. This brought senior leaders together from Microsoft, the World Bank and the United Nations, along with significant political figures to work on problems related to eradicating poverty. This project won the International Optimus Award.

Tony took a degree in psychology at Edinburgh University and a Masters in Occupational Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London where he is now an Honorary Research Fellow. He is more pragmatic than academic. At heart Tony is a translator, taking quality research and brilliant thinking from psychology and other fields, and applying them meaningfully to everyday career and business challenges. A big thrust of this work is helping people to raise their eyes from the day-to-day, to think and act differently, to produce the business breakthroughs that will propel their careers and their organizations forward.

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