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DisavowFiles: The SEO Industry’s New, Free Backlink Intelligence Tool

The time-consuming and labor-intensive process of building a Google disavow file is now simplified with the release of a free crowdsourced disavow files database developed by Bruce Clay, Inc. “We had a very real need as analysts to be able to simplify and speed up the process of doing link audits. It made sense, in a lot of ways, to share data, especially when you’re dealing with the same types of link farms, the same types of websites that scrape, and show up in a lot of our clients’ backlink profiles. Being able to share the data across our clients was a real need we had to help us do a better job and gather the data we had access to,” says Bruce Clay, Inc. SEO manager Robert Ramirez in this episode. Hear about the tools and reports of the free tool built to serve the SEO industry on a fresh new episode of SEM Synergy.

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