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CBS News President Andrew Heyward

Andrew Heyward, former President of CBS News, and later in the hour, by Cheryl Procter Rogers, President of the Public Relations Society of America. This comes right on the eve of the PRSA’s Annual Conference. Andrew is a featured keynote speaker. So my first guest, Andrew Heyward, currently serves as a Senior Advisor to Marketspace LLC, a subsidiary of Monitor Group that specializes in helping companies make effective and profitable use of digital technology to interact with their customers. He was President of CBS News from January 1996 through November 2006. That tenure of nearly 10 years is the second longest 10-year in the 50-year history of CBS News. Under his leadership, the division’s tradition of journalistic quality and integrity was recognized with an extraordinary number of broadcast journalism’s most prestigious awards including 57 news and documentary Emmys, 13 Peabody awards, and the list goes on and on. One of the things I want to speak with him about today, Andrew spearheaded the CBS News’ move into new media with its award winning website,, which became increasingly competitive and was a leader in providing free advertiser supported broadband video, and in 2005, underwent a major expansion in conjunction with the newly created CBS News Digital Media Group. He was also a key force in the establishment of the leading financial news website, CBS MarketWatch, and served on its Board of Directors from its founding in 1997 to its acquisition by Dow Jones in January, 2005. He is an award winning producer and executive producer, and has personally won 12 national Emmys.

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