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Everything you need to do business on the web. From funding to finance, setup to staffing, branding to biz-dev, co-hosts Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy have between them, more than 50 years of success in nurturing businesses to become global brands. Gillian co-founded Moz and serves on boards on four continents. Anne was a founding board member of and guided numerous Internet start-ups, including Zillow. Together, and with occasional guest experts, they break down the art of small business from the ground up. Copyright WMR.FM - All Rights Reserved
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As Gillian and Anne warp up 11 years of CEO Coach they address the essential elements of real leadership. Every CEO must lead with empathy, structure, and comfort with not knowing all the answers.
4th May 2020
36 minutes
Gillian and Anne share some excellent tactical advice from Cascadia Capital in a recent Geekwire article.  In addition to exhibiting strong empathic leadership, there are several additional
20th Apr 2020
35 minutes
In times of crisis, like right now, CEOs find themselves frustrated by general advice. “But what do I DO!?” entrepreneur leaders ask. Leaders always deal with ambiguity—it’s timeless and comes with
13th Apr 2020
32 minutes
Gillian and Anne return to talk real-time tactics entrepreneurs need right now to weather the uncertainty and unpredictability during this global pandemic. From leading with compassion to stashing
6th Apr 2020
33 minutes
Anne and Gillian welcome guest Lindsay Tabas, The Lady Engineer (which she trademarked 15 years ago) and product market-fit expert. Her  e-book Start Before the Product’s Ready, subtitled ‘The
23rd Dec 2019
34 minutes
Gillian and Anne address just why marketing managers struggle to create demand for products, as recently reported. They take a look at those products and the process for creating successful ones.
9th Dec 2019
30 minutes
Anne and Gillian talk about raising capital, which is the hot topic on everyone’s mind when they talk to them, especially women. There is a bigger hurdle for women: perceived bias against them as
25th Nov 2019
35 minutes
Anne and Gillian talk about how to raise capital other than by equity – that is, providing shares in your startup to investors in return for cash. Somewhere in start-up school, all budding
11th Nov 2019
37 minutes
Gillian and Anne look at pattern matching beyond gender lens issues, reminding listeners that good pattern matching habits can be learned. While it is true pattern matching may keep investors from
28th Oct 2019
31 minutes
Early stage companies need Executors. There are so many Wizards out there. Gillian and Anne provide clarity around the value of finding and working with a brilliant Executor so they can experience
14th Oct 2019
34 minutes
Gillian and Anne talk about raising capital, because “How do I do that” is the question they get most. So they discuss how to hack, or leapfrog the process, starting with your deck. Or, rather ,
15th Jul 2019
37 minutes
Anne & Gillian continue to examine the issues raised in the latest study on the rise in venture funding for gender diverse teams from the Center for American Entrepreneurship, and why it remains a
3rd Jun 2019
37 minutes
Though women-led startups receive far less first-round venture capital than ones led by all-male teams, they perform equally with their brothers in landing second and third rounds and exiting
20th May 2019
33 minutes
Seattle investor, founder and startup advisor Dan Kihanya joins Gillian and Anne to talk about his new podcast “” with which he expects to create greater awareness of
26th Apr 2019
34 minutes
Gillian and Anne discuss a recent report in the Washington Post that power reveals who we really are and people with certain tendencies will gravitate to certain types of professions,  examining
25th Mar 2019
35 minutes
Gillian and Anne discuss the defining characteristics of a successful advisory board and how they will benefit your startup. In your early stages you will have ad hoc advisors to help get through the
18th Mar 2019
35 minutes
Gillian and Anne discuss the defining characteristics of a successful advisory board and how they will benefit your startup. In your early stages, you will have ad hoc advisors to help get through
11th Mar 2019
35 minutes
Gillian and Anne chat with Seattle investor Dave Parker, founder of ‘6 Month Startup -- Ideation to Revenue’. Dave breaks down the three components of a startup in to creating value with your product
25th Feb 2019
40 minutes
Gillian and Anne discuss the differences between management and leadership from a metrics perspective. Metrics seem to be all about management. But leadership is setting the metrics to be tracked by
11th Feb 2019
32 minutes
Where to find capital is the number one question heard from founders at almost every stage of entrepreneurship. For that reason, Anne and gillian keep an eye on progress toward gender equity in
14th Jan 2019
33 minutes
Every entrepreneur dreams of selling the company and cashing out. It is almost a trope that founders need to have their exit in mind from the earliest days of their startup. While many are on a
3rd Jan 2019
37 minutes
Gillian and Anne chat with Amy Margolis, founder of The Initiative and The Commune, an accelerator and coworking space for women launching cannabis businesses in Portland, Oregon. Noting the lack of
18th Dec 2018
34 minutes
Anne Gillian review the critical elements for your pitch decks, and the two most often included by novice founders that are unnecessary, and sometimes even counter productive. Too many times founders
22nd Oct 2018
37 minutes
Marcia Zaruba O’Connor joins Anne and Gillian to talk about how startups can best approach hiring and benefits and how to build your staff and compensate them, when and what benefits to offer, and
10th Oct 2018
35 minutes
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