Dream Possible With Maria Reitan

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Hosted by Emmy Award Winning Producer and Podcast Host Maria Reitan, Dream Possible features profiles of professional women who have redefined success – their jobs, their industry, their hobbies, etc. These women share how they have been empowered to innovate or reimagine – both in their personal and professional lives. We learn how they dreamed it and then made their dreams possible. How did they conceive it and then make it reality? They take us through their journey.

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Anna Bonavita, founder of Esperienza.org – a totally immersive experience with small-scale, intimate tours where you interact with locals with unique experiences. All in the Italian region of Emilia
21st Jun 2022
38 minutes
Storyteller, children’s book author, columnist, former TV anchor/host, wife, and mother Leslie Means is the founder of the popular online community and motherhood website, Her View From Home (2.5
10th May 2022
34 minutes
Maria speaks with Founder & CEO at AddWomxn, a collaborative of creative entrepreneurs with a vision to advance racial and gender equity in marketing and advertising. AddWomxn's diverse and inclusive
1st Mar 2022
33 minutes
Jennifer Gilhoi of JenGilhoi.com. Jen is a friend, a business partner, and an inspiration to me, and many, many others. She’s committed to helping people make healthier choices. 
11th Jan 2022
27 minutes
Lillian Rafson, founder and CEO of Pack Up + Go, launched the business in January 2016 at 23 years old. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and a graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School with a
14th Dec 2021
32 minutes
Roshini is a strategic communication and crisis coach to C-Suite executives and a mainstage speaker. She hosts Discovers Minnesota with Roshini on Facebook. Roshini is a licensed attorney and former
15th Sep 2021
34 minutes
Vanessa is the founder of multiple startups and recently exited in the cannabis industry with Greenlight, the first mobile order-ahead cannabis app for dispensary purchases within 9 months of
7th Jul 2021
27 minutes
When one mom of three was told the only option for her child’s Crohn’s was steroids and daily meds, she questioned why there wasn’t talk of a specific diet, stress management, or supplements to help
1st Jun 2021
29 minutes
Sherron is the founder and CEO of the P3 Solution, a full-service marketing and communications (marcomm) firm located in Silver Spring, MD, that specializes in providing simple strategy, design, and
14th May 2021
29 minutes
Tracy Pleschourt of Self Made U joins us today on  Dream Possible, only on WMR.FM Tracy and I have known each other for more than 15 years – I’ve watched her journey from corporate to
7th Apr 2021
29 minutes
Chris Olsen, founder of My Founder Story. Chris seeks to amplify women’s voices. Empower fierce founders. Fueled by Purpose. It’s right there on her website Myfounderstory.com. How did Chris come up
12th Mar 2021
33 minutes