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Host Tim Barsness dishes on the latest developments within the advertising realm. Tune into the fjorgecast to receive insider tips and advice from experts within the advertising industry. Fjorgecast is your first stop in hearing about the unique opportunities and challenges advertisers face today. Copyright WMR.FM - All Rights Reserved
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Today on Fjorgecast Tim Barsness will be talking with Humphrey Ho about the largest digital agency in China, Hylink. Hylink Digital is China’s largest, independent digital full service agency. Hylink
19th Sep 2017
31 minutes
Tim Barsness speaks with Roy Firestone, VP of Product at native ad network MGID. Roy is a seasoned digital media professional with more than 20 years of product development experience, with
29th Aug 2017
31 minutes
Tim Barsness welcomes Christine Kuecherer, General Manager of Platform Growth at FastPay, who is focused on growing the company's payments and SMB credit businesses. FastPay is a leading
15th Aug 2017
28 minutes
Tim Barsness speaks with Jordan French ‎Founding CMO at BeeHex, Inc. 3D Food Printing, Contributor at Techcrunch | Huffington Post | Jordan French a serial entrepreneur with five different
25th Jul 2017
33 minutes
Navigating The Sports Marketing Landscape as Tim Barsness is joined today by Dan Lobring, the managing director of communications for rEvolution. Dan leads the communications team and is
27th Jun 2017
30 minutes
Tim is joined by Matt Stormoen from  Pure Focus. Matt's company creates and executes digital strategies that engage customers with a consistent brand message across multiple devices and
13th Jun 2017
31 minutes
Today on Fjorgecast Tim is joined by Leigh Dow about her boutique marketing  agency, 48 West Agency. Everything they do is about unlocking possibilities for ambitious brands. The leaders of the
6th Jun 2017
31 minutes
Tim Barsness discusses Brand Love and Creating Holistic Customer Experiences with Kirk Drummond, Co-Founder and CEO at Drumroll. Kirk defines what is the meaning behind Brand Love and how he defines
16th May 2017
31 minutes
Tim discusses Multi-Media Management and New Media Integration with Charlie Fusco, the CEO and Creative Director of Synergixx, LLC. Synergixx, LLC is a multimedia marketing agency that produces
2nd May 2017
30 minutes
Tim Barsness speaks with Mark Nadolski founder of  VES Creative. They are a branding agency that specifically works with video to create passionate projects that work to tell a story. They work
25th Apr 2017
33 minutes
Tim Barsness talks with Laurence Minsky, an Associate Professor of Communication Media Innovation at Columbia College in Chicago. He talks about building a successful brand infrastructure and
18th Apr 2017
35 minutes
Tim is joined by the CEO of Matchnode Chris Madden. Matchnode is a digital marketing agency focusing first on strategy, then back-filling with the tools to fulfill that strategy. They speak about
11th Apr 2017
32 minutes
Today we are given tremendous insight into advertising with in the new age of video advertising and story advertising, as opposed to banner advertising.  Tim welcomes ModOp president and co-CEO
4th Apr 2017
32 minutes
Accessible360 is a digital accessibility focused company to help businesses websites become accessible for disabled people. Michael Landis tells us how he secured Aaron Cannon, who is blind who is
28th Mar 2017
30 minutes
Tim Barsness welcomes Brad Breininger, founding partner and strategist at Zync,  to discuss how his company is providing clients with Branding for a Digital World with a concept they call
14th Mar 2017
32 minutes
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