Good Karma with Greg Niland

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Learn something new with Greg Niland aka GoodROI covering all of the basics and then some. The GoodKarma show helps explain topics for newbies and can even help an old dog to learn some new tricks. During the show there will be prizes given away as well as the answers to the newbie questions you were too embarrassed to ask. Copyright WMR.FM
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BOTW President, Greg Hartnett sits down with Greg to discuss directories and how they still play a vital role in online marketing.
17th May 2019
1 hour
Vanessa talks to Microsoft AdCenter Product Manager Natala Menezes about the popular social media outlet Twitter, and how Vanessa has blogged about how she has been reading Twitter to find out the
27th Dec 2007
33 minutes
Vanessa Fox joins Rand Fishkin in the SEOMoz headquarters to discuss blog posts like her mention in a Search Marketing Gurus post on women of marketing and a post that states that journalists and
20th Dec 2007
34 minutes
Nathan Buggia, Lead Program Manager of Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Center talks about their resources such as Live Search Center Blog and forums plus they discuss cloaking and how to make your
6th Dec 2007
59 minutes
Nathan Buggia, Lead Program Manager of Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Center talks about their resources such as Live Search Center Blog and forums plus they discuss cloaking and how to make your
6th Dec 2007
29 minutes
Todd Friesen aka Oilman discusses Paid Links, Google Page Rank and his trip to Microsoft with Greg and Jennifer, plus they discuss which links websites should buy and if there are any risks involved.
29th Nov 2007
25 minutes
Frustration among webmasters over the web page ranking system PageRank developed by Google as Greg and Vanessa discuss if a toolbar page rank refresh might have been a factor. Also Greg delivers a
1st Nov 2007
40 minutes
Greg Niland reports live from the Yahoo Power Lunch with the contest winners and Yahoo representatives.
25th Jul 2007
43 minutes
Google makes the cover of Forbes so Greg Niland and Ted Ulle, moderator at WebmasterWorld for the Google Forums, talk about their rise to power.
9th May 2007
59 minutes
Greg discuss some recent issues that Digg had, plus What they uncovered was the lesson we can all learn from Digg and their headaches is business models. He asks What's your business model and when
3rd May 2007
57 minutes
Lance Cottrell of Anonymizer,acts as a trusted intermediary between its users and the Web sites they are viewing, talks with Greg Niland during Search Engine Strategies in New York.
12th Apr 2007
23 minutes
Greg interviews Liana Evans, the Search Marketing Manager at Commerce 360 and the Owner and Editor of Search Marketing Gurus, which has a wonderful Women of Internet Marketing Series that regularly
15th Mar 2007
47 minutes
David Ogletree discusses his recent blog post on the Gadget Bar Windows Vista just came out that offers a neat gadget bar on the desktop where you can put gadgets like clocks, rss feeds, calculators.
8th Mar 2007
55 minutes
Greg interviews Andy Beal, a consultant and one of the world’s most respected experts in online reputation monitoring and management, as well as Founder of the award-winning Marketing Pilgrim blog.
3rd Mar 2007
48 minutes
Jon Fisher, the self-proclaimed Coolest Internet Marketing & Advertising Visionary, Pioneer, and Procrastinator. Ever!, of WickedFire Forums discusses what makes sites Million dollar makers and who
1st Mar 2007
55 minutes
Nick Wilson calls in from the London Search Engine Strategies show to talk about whats going on accross the pond.
15th Feb 2007
56 minutes Editor Jennifer Laycock gives tips on site banning, plus she also explains how her breast-feeding site labeled ended up being labeled pornographic.
8th Feb 2007
1 hour
Learn about the hype of Social Marketing. Is Social Marketing really helpful or is it just something to play along with or is there more to it. Brent Csutoras of Weird Asian News explains.
18th Jan 2007
41 minutes
Owen Byrne, Co-Founder and Senior Software Engineer of Digg, tells us what goes on behind the scenes to maintain it.
14th Dec 2006
38 minutes
Greg interviews Aaron Wall ,Co-Owner of Clientside SEM, the keeper of the, and the Author of the SEO Book.
7th Dec 2006
46 minutes
Backups are extremely important for not only your website but your computer also. If you have ever endured the Blue Screen of Death, Greg feel your pain and discuss the importance of backups.
30th Nov 2006
25 minutes
Kellie Stevens of Affiliate FairPlay talks about protecting yourself from fraud and poor quality, plus we hear some tips on how to protect your online assets.
2nd Nov 2006
1 hour
Learn from an experienced B2B marketer how to do proper link development and management. Roger Montti explains what makes a good backlink and how to develop them correctly.
19th Oct 2006
55 minutes
ShareASale Director of Client Services Carolyn Tang offers us some affiliate Tips for managers and publishers during one of the most profitable times of the year.
12th Oct 2006
48 minutes
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