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Get ready to rise to the ranks of the online marketing hierarchy. Take some notes from the original royals of revenue. We're opening up a traffic chest of knowledge from the best of the best Hosted by "The ClickFather" Kevin De Vincenzi and "The Big Faboo" Jon Fondy.  Copyright WMR.FM
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Brant Pinvidic is an award-winning film director, veteran television producer, C-level sales and presentations coach, keynote speaker, top-rated podcast host, and a columnist for Forbes. He has been
22nd Sep 2020
47 minutes
Kevin and John talk about Lego and how in March they transformed their molds from making legos to making face shields… (google it) Also how they stopped making all Whitehouse and police-related
25th Aug 2020
44 minutes
Kevin and Jon talk about the pandemic and how tradeshows are all still canceled. Plus Guest Brian Pfeiffer “Mr. Surreal” Of talks about his company and his following on Instagram
18th Aug 2020
38 minutes
This week’s guest Sweeney Mae talks a bit about marketing both offline and online and what motivates her daily to “keep hustling”.
11th Aug 2020
43 minutes
Garret from Dynamiq shares insights on how he uses AI technology to A. Be compliant and B. Bring more qualified calls to his advertisers.
24th Jul 2020
37 minutes
Today's guest on Internet Traffic Kings is Michael Gonzales, a Full-time pilot, and Full-Time Marketer.  Michael is also the owner of and seasoned internet marketer.
21st Jul 2020
39 minutes
We interview such great guests but no one gets to hear a lot DIRECT from the ClickFather who has been doing this for 24 yrs so this show is your chance to do so!
23rd Jun 2020
43 minutes
Dennis Yu is the Chief Executive Officer of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that partners with schools to train young adults. Dennis’s program centers around mentorship, helping students
16th Jun 2020
42 minutes
Neil Patel from Neil, is a Super accomplished SEO Influencer. He is a New York Times Bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one
26th May 2020
34 minutes
5 tips to give new marketers with Oliver Kenyon from Oliver is a fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur. He’s founded several companies in the affiliate space. He is
19th May 2020
44 minutes
Today we talk with Bill Sommerville of We dive into how his direct clients are cashing in on the carriers offering deep discounts as no one is driving. Also, we touch on his perils
12th May 2020
39 minutes
In today's episode, we chat some more about the state of our current world with COVID-19 and when the country could and will open back up. Plus we sit down with Peter Day of Peter Day Marketing
5th May 2020
38 minutes
Rick Bennick talks about how he has grown a survival gear company to being on QVC and doing immense sales. Rick Bennick is President of Brand Ventures, and is a
20th Apr 2020
39 minutes
Kevin, Jon and Bennet welcome Thomas Coolidge, the CEO of Direct Response Pros, Inc. They help clients create custom branded direct response lead generation programs utilizing Social Media, Internet,
6th Apr 2020
30 minutes
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