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Next Gen Now with Rudina Seseri is your inside track to technology, innovation and the startup world. Rudina bridges listeners with the braintrust of the business world, speaking with early adopters and industry-leading innovators. Each week she gives you a backstage pass to the people designing, building and marketing the companies, products and services of the future. Copyright WMR.FM - All Rights Reserved
Discussing The New Paradigm of Pervasive Connectivity and how it impacts our lives and society as Rudina Seseri welcomes Dr. Brad Berens with Big Digital Idea Consulting and USC Annenberg Center for
2nd May 2016
32 minutes
We learn about Owlet Smart Baby Monitoring as Rudina Seseeri speaks with Owlet Founder and CMO Jordan Monroe. The Owlet Baby Monitor is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing
5th Apr 2016
27 minutes
Discussing the Internet of Things and how it becoming so pervasive in our lives as Rudina Seseri speaks with Jamyn Edis, the CEO and Founder of Dash Labs. Jamyn Edis is the founder and CEO
21st Mar 2016
33 minutes
Talking Tech Trends for 2016 as Rudina Seseri speaks with author, futurist and Founder of Webbmedia Group Amy Webb. She explains how she “used a six-part methodology beginning with seeking out
7th Mar 2016
35 minutes
As CTO for Cloud at Pivotal, Colin Humphreys is responsible for the company’s big picture strategy and roadmap for our cloud platform offerings. Colin joins Pivotal from its acquisition of
15th Feb 2016
34 minutes
Today on Next Gen Now Rudina Seseri is joined by Johanna Hartzheim from Qleeks to discuss how music and technology are intersecting in response to consumer preferences.Qleeks are shortcuts to
1st Feb 2016
30 minutes
Today on Next Gen Now Rudina Seseri is joined by Scott Kirsner, Writer at Boston Globe.  Scott Kirsner-writes the weekly "Innovation Economy" column and blog for the Boston Globe and
2nd Nov 2015
25 minutes
Today on Next Gen Now Rudina Seseri is joined by Neil Gupta, Deputy Program Manager on Draper Laboratory’s Venture Engagement Team.  They discuss virtual reality and how it is
26th Oct 2015
34 minutes
Today on Next Gen Now Rudina Seseri is joined by Anita Brearton and Sheryl Schultz, co-Founders of CabinetM.  They talk about the CMO world, and the overall marketing function in the
19th Oct 2015
34 minutes
Discussing The Role of PR in Shaping Awareness and the Growth Trajectory of a New Startup Company as Rudina Seseri speaks with Mike Farber, partner and founder of LaunchSquad
12th Oct 2015
32 minutes
Join Rudina Seseri as she chats with Steve Chambers, CEO of Jibo about innovation  in the field of consumer robotics.  Steve describes the new wave of innovation in
5th Oct 2015
38 minutes
Join Rudina Seseri as she opens the door into Drizzly. Drizzly is the app that is changing the way wine and spirits get into the hand of consumers. With the first on-demand wine and spirit delivery
28th Sep 2015
31 minutes