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RainMaker: a person whose presence can initiate progress or ensure success! Guests interviewed on the show are RainMakers, the best of the best of their business segment. Each week immerse yourself in a different facet of online business, ask questions of the experts and hang out and have a great time! Copyright WMR.FM
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Mark Lopez, COO of Terra Networks USA tells us how Terra has launched launched a new version of its internet TV service, called Terra TV. We also learn about TerraTV Mobile, its online TV content
19th Nov 2009
48 minutes
Steve Wozniak will discusses his early days at Apple, his history in IT going back to his time with Hewlett Packard crafting the personal computer, plus his recent stint as a contestant on the hit
12th Nov 2009
52 minutes
Joey Greco, Cheaters producer and host of the hit reality TV show gives an exclusive interview on the successes of the program as it begins its 10th season in syndication and cable. Joey shares his
22nd Oct 2009
1 hour
Following an extended hiatus, Daron and Brandy return to speak Search Return founder Disa Johnson, formerly know to the community as Detlev Johnson, about her life changing gender change and all of
2nd Oct 2009
1 hour
Jim Muehlhausen, author of The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them, discusses some of those errors including hiring your competitors rejects, entrepreneurs refusing to delegate. Jim also
4th Jun 2009
41 minutes
Lieutenant Colonel Chris Hughes, the Director of Public Affairs for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Pendleton, California speaks about his experiences living life as a United States
28th May 2009
33 minutes
Alzheimers and its Affect on Caregivers is discussed by Dr. Mark Agronin, Medical Director for Mental Health and Clinical Research at the Miami Jewish Home & Hospital.
22nd May 2009
49 minutes
Series Producer John Hoffman, Dr. Laurie Ryan from the National Institute on Aging, and Dr. Mark Agronin, who specializes in Alzheimer's treatment join us to preview the 4-part HBO Alzheimer's
7th May 2009
1 hour
We delve into some of the background on eConsultancy's Rebecca Leib who offers some insight into her new book The Truth about Search Engine Optimization which offers 51 SEO Techniques filled with
9th Apr 2009
35 minutes
eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey reveals how his childhood interest in magic made him a professional magician at age 15 and how that relates to his work in marketing research today.
26th Feb 2009
44 minutes
Rainmaker celebrates its 100th podcast with calls from Greg Boser and Dick Masterson and stories of big guests like Sarah Lacy and Craig Newmark, and some funny stories.
5th Feb 2009
1 hour
Best Selling Authors Michael and Margaret Korda take some time to discuss their houseguests, Michael entertains us with some impersonations of Truman Capote and Winston Churchill, plus we hear about
29th Jan 2009
39 minutes
Craigslist.org founder Craig Newmark talks about his work blogging about the Obama campaign on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, including his use of Internet applications such as social
4th Dec 2008
33 minutes
Speaking to Mark Lopez who takes us insideTerra Networks which provides Internet access and interactive content and services to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets, tells us about his
20th Nov 2008
46 minutes
Bryan Eisenberg of FutureNow Inc is back to discuss his new book Always Be Testing: The Complete Guide to Google Website Optimizer, and he tells about his accompanying book tour, plus a little detail
30th Oct 2008
43 minutes
Discussing the Presidential election, and which candidate , Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are worth voting for, plus we hear from supporters for both candidates discussing change, the
23rd Oct 2008
43 minutes
Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good Author Sarah Lacy discusses how the current economic conditions are affecting Silicon Valley, plus she fills us in on the success of her new book, and the
16th Oct 2008
41 minutes
Jan Yager is the author of Work Less Do More and she offers tips and methods to get your time and life under control, from time management to overcoming procrastination to handling and managing your
18th Sep 2008
42 minutes
The Story of FutureNow, a interactive marketing optimization firm, founded by our guest Bryan Eisenberg and his brother Jeffrey 10 years ago, and after many New York Times and USA Today bestselling
7th Aug 2008
46 minutes
Terry Pittman from AOL returns to continues his discussion on Managing Customer Expectations, from dealing with disgruntled customers to how he engages customers to give them a satisfying experience
26th Jul 2008
40 minutes
A Rags To Riches Story with Elon Bomani, a self made millionaire, who went from homeless to over a million dollars net worth in a matter of 18 months starting with just 36 dollars in her checking
17th Jul 2008
35 minutes
AOL Executive Director for Voice of the Consumer Group Terry Pittman speaks about his work in helping consumers use AOL products, plus we go in depth to his prior work in online advertising and
19th Jun 2008
34 minutes
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