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The first European Show of its kind, addressing issues faced by European Webmasters regarding Search Engine Marketing and Optimization. Expect to be informed on the nuances of maximizing earnings revenue from a European perspective. Irreverent, cocky and experienced...don't let the Eurotrash fool you! These guys are true experts and a show to not be missed.

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The Death of AltaVista: Why Did It Happen? Why did the popular search engine decline and lose ground with the rise of Google and how it further would not recover once it was purchased by Yahoo!
15th Jul 2013
55 minutes
Google makes a significant change to protect the search privacy of users. Mikkel and Jason discuss the impact of the move as well as how by default, how the search engine will encrypt the search
31st Oct 2011
57 minutes
FairSearch, a group of search companies including Microsoft which lobbies that Google is too dominant, has sent a white paper outlining its anti-trust concerns about Google to the 50 state attorneys
17th Oct 2011
52 minutes
Traffic plunges for Google+ as 60% of users log off; Jerry Yang may be raising funds to take Yahoo private. David Naylor has the top ranking in Google Search ranking competition to rank highest for
10th Oct 2011
50 minutes
Mikkel has on his new guest host Jason Duke, Owner and Director of Strange Logic, the creators of Pzyche. Listen in as they discuss Converison Optimization techniques, and their opinions on Panda
3rd Oct 2011
59 minutes
Mikkel speaks with Kristjan Mar Hauksson from Nordice Marketing about his book Global Search Engine Marketing: Getting Better International Search Engine Results, which he co-wrote with fellow SEO,
29th Aug 2011
54 minutes
Mikkel discusses social media and how it ties into search today, plus how you get more of those damn mentions, likes, shares and retweets now that they count so much in SEO with guest co-host Li
22nd Aug 2011
54 minutes
Mikkel discusses International SEO and SEM and Selling Search to the C-Suite Bill Hunt, SES Advisory Board Member and President of Back Azimuth Consulting.
28th Mar 2011
56 minutes
Department Store JCPenney Fires Back at Google and New York Times Over an SEO Controversy. Mikkel and Dave discuss the New York Times story that states how JC Penney allegedly gamed Googles
14th Feb 2011
54 minutes
Google is Willing To Change Search To Avoid EU Fight as Eric Schmidt, the new executive chairman of Google, has revealed that the search giant wants to come to a deal with the European Commission
7th Feb 2011
57 minutes
2011 predictions? Limitations in new Google AdWords rules, More Google scams (not by Google), Old SEO scams return and really advanced training are up for discussion.
17th Jan 2011
55 minutes
Google eBooks Launches with 3 million eBooks, Nexus S Launches with Gingerbread, Groupon say no to 6 billion dollar bid by Google, plus more on WikiLeaks and the Mad Merchant.
5th Dec 2010
59 minutes
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