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Want to be ahead of the search marketing masses? Here’s your Alternative! Join Jim Hedger as he fills you in on the latest search engine news and helps you discover the alternatives in search engines, advertising, revenue and verticals. WebmasterRadio.FM now gives you an alternative to search. Copyright WMR.FM
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Jim and Dave welcomes a number of guests who will be participating at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, California, talk about everything from video to Google.
7th Aug 2007
1 hour
Jeff Stone from the Underground Camp speaks to Jim. For students entering grades 8–10 Using the city as their campus, Underground campers take part in a variety of daily challenges that require
2nd Aug 2007
51 minutes
Dave Davies talks with Ken Jurina of about the changes in the Google algorithm on location from SMX Advanced 2007.
26th Jul 2007
55 minutes
Jim Hedger and Dave Davies cover what the Chinese Market looks like today.
18th Jul 2007
1 hour
James Spencer of China Search Ads speaks to Jiom and Dave. He talks about Baidu, why Google’s not doing well, online payment, what the Chinese online market is like and even a bit about Alibaba.
11th Jul 2007
46 minutes
Ken Leonard, CEO of HackerSafe, talks with Jim Hedger and Dave Davies about the new deal with Yahoo. Jim also talks with Joe Milana, Ph.D at Fair Isaac Research.
28th Jun 2007
1 hour
Jim and Dave take a look back at the inaugural Search Marketing Expo with interviews from Dan Boberg, Director of Sales and Technology for YSM; TJ Kelly Director of Sales for Looksmart; and Cindy
7th Jun 2007
58 minutes
Jim and Dave speak with Rush Hour host Neil Patel. They also speak with the owner of PresellpageMan.Com a site that provides Hosted Marketing Content and Presell Pages, and finally they speak with
31st May 2007
1 hour
Jim and Dave speak with Frederick Townes from and the SeoPros Client Account Representative for Search Engine People Inc, Jeff Quipp
24th May 2007
56 minutes
Jim Hedger and Dave Davies talk to Craig Aaron from as well as United States Senator Byron Dorgan on the topic of Net Neutrality.
17th May 2007
60 minutes
Dave Davies and Jim Hedger recap Search Engine Strategies New York 2007, news on the release of HD-DVD code on Digg as well as talk keywords with Dan Thies, Dean of Faculty at Stompernet.
3rd May 2007
1 hour
The Alternative broadcasts on location from SES New York as Jim Hedger and Dave Davies talk with SES speakers live from the show floor.
12th Apr 2007
58 minutes
Jim and Dave discuss Google and their purchase of Doubleclick, to combine DoubleClicks expertise in ad management technology for media buyers and sellers with Googles leading advertising platform and
4th Apr 2007
1 hour
Jim Hedger and Dave Davies speak with Safa Raschtchy and Virtual Tradeshow eCom Expo event manager Caleb Chase.
29th Mar 2007
1 hour
The Ins and Outs of as Jim Hedger talks with VP, Sales and Customer Service Amos Schwartzfarb and SEO Director Jessica Bowman.
8th Mar 2007
1 hour
Jim speaks with the Founder/CEO of leading online video search company Pixsy Chase Norlin about the Oscars and Academy Awards video search tool.
22nd Feb 2007
51 minutes
Talking about Pay Per Read, Pay Per Click Scams with guests Adam Sculthorpe, security specialist and CEO of, John Linden, the CTO of Think Partnership,
15th Feb 2007
56 minutes
Neverblue Media makes a big announcement and Enquisite Founder and President Richard Zwicky, talks about search analytics and stats.
1st Feb 2007
59 minutes
The Sausage Manifesto, an open letter to paid search networks about the click fraud problem, written by guest Jeffrey K. Rohrs, plus Jim discusses MyBlogLog and social networking services on demand.
25th Jan 2007
58 minutes
Jim talks to Amy Bohutinsky of, the Real Estate Search Engine on how is changing the landscape.
18th Jan 2007
52 minutes
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