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Chris Brogan Media

Chris Brogan is president of Chris Brogan Media, offering business storytelling and marketing advisory help for mid to larger-sized companies.  Chris...

Last episode of 2020

Last episode of 2020 and throughout the show our spirits were flying through COVID’s dark glow. The stories were loaded, all devil may care in hopes...

All About SPAC’s

Launching IPO’s using Special Purpose Acquisition Companys has shot upward in 2020. With both the number of SPAC’s and dollars invested m ore than...

All About SPV’s

Anne and Gillian talk about Special Purpose Vehicles, funding mechanisms used often by VC funds to invest in companies they might not be able to...

GWC is now GSC

GWC is now GSC but not the GSC you’ve come to know and love? WTF? That used to be GWT. Confused, you won’t be after this episode of Webcology, or...

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