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ad:tech is an interactive advertising and technology conference dedicated to connecting all sides of today’s brand marketing landscape. Worldwide shows blend keynote speakers, topic-driven panels and interactive workshops to provide attendees with the tools and techniques they need to compete in a changing world. We are committed to bringing you the now and the next of modern marketing.

Ad Revenue 08 Conference

Pubmatic President Rajeev Goel previews the upcoming Ad Revenue 08 Conference as a testament to Pubmatic and their thought leadership in online advertising, and the conference focus is on improving unsold ad inventory strategies.

Client Digital Marketing

R2intregrated CEO Matt Goddard discusses the company’s strategic direction while providing valuable support to client digital marketing projects, plus we learn about the company’s work in cutting-edge technologies, targeted content, and...

Demographic Analytics

Crowd Science uses an early stage technology company changing the way that publishers and advertisers measure online audiences via Demographic Analytics, and uses clever technology and a site-centric methodology to provide detailed analytics on...

Marketing and PR Direction

Smart Solutions CEO Michele Harris discusses Marketing and PR Direction, plus a look at the marketing services search firm that finds businesses the right marketing agency or expert, while maximizing their budget & time, plus we learn about the...

XY7 No Bull Party

WebmasterRadio.FM was on location for XY7 No Bull Party, the Second Annual AdTech Pre Show Party, held at Johnny Utahs in Midtown Manhattan in New York City prior to the start of AdTech New York 2008.

Web Integrated IVR

If By Phone provides web integrated IVR solutions for businesses including IVR, VoiceXML, click to call, virtual receptionist, and call forwarding, and we get an explanation of those services for company CEO Irv Shapiro.

Viral Branding

Worldwide Executive Creative Director at Edelman Digital Jared Hendler discusses viral branding as part of a presentation at AdTech Chicago 2008 where speakers identify the current and emerging viral platforms, plus should brands try to produce...

Viral Marketing

HouseParty SVP Mindy Davis tells us about the word of mouth marketing company that works with specific brands like entertainment companies using viral marketing and they are capable of handling thousands of simultaneous parties.

Strategic Media Planning

Vibrant Media Chief Marketing Officer Sean Finnegan discusses his AdTech Chicago presentation on strategic media planning as he joins buy side and sell side media professionals to discuss how they view the emerging landscape and how digital is...


Gustavo Ross of Activamente, a company that specializes in viral networking, email and mobile marketing, and search engine marketing gives his take on Adtech 2008 in Miami, plus expresses his apprecviation for WebmasterRadio.

Interactive Content

A profile of Tinbu, which provides interactive contnet modules that provide for media, community and common interest websites, and they offer comprehensive data on such topics as Lottery, Weather, Horoscopes, Soccer, fuel costs, MPG ratings, flight...

Monetizing Social Media

Monetizing Social Media, and its safety and relevance for advertisers according to Jose Rivera Font, who is responsible for regional business strategy, product development, marketing and advertising services for Yahoo Hispanic Americas.

Media Production on the Web

VP of Market Development for Telemundo Borja Perez reflects on the year to year changes happening to media production on the web plus he talks about how Telemundo works to create more valuable online content. We also learn about the success that...

Comparison Shopping

Romero Rodrigues, Co-Founder and CEO of BuscaPé, discusses his companys work in comparison shopping providing c2c classifieds and ecommerce market intelligence and how they have been able to buy up their competitiors and use their existing...

Peter Ford of SCAInteractive

Meredith Medland: You’re listening to WebmasterRadio.FM, my name is Meredith Medland and I’m right here with Peter Fort from SCAinteractive. Peter, tell us about SCAinteractive. Peter Fort: SCAinteractive is one of the original online vendors for...

SearchRev CEO Ken Kalb

Meredith Medland: You’re listening to Webmaster Radio. My name is Meredith Medland. Sitting across from me, is Kenneth Kalb from SearchRev. How are you doing? Kenneth: Meredith, Hi. How are you? Thanks for having me today, I appreciate it. Meredith:...

SimpleFeed CEO Mark Carlson

Meredith Medland: You’re listening to Webmaster Radio. My name is Meredith Medland, I’m here with Mark Carlson who’s the CEO and Founder of Simple Feed which is an RSS provider. Welcome to our show, Mark. Mark Carlson: Thanks, Meredith. Meredith:...

Mark Lipko of Zango

Meredith Medland: You’re listening to Webmaster Radio, my name is Meredith Medland. I’m sitting here on the show floor of ad:tech in some plush, royal blue suede, beautiful, big chairs. I’m right here with Mark Ippolito, he’s the VP of Sales for...


Brandy interviews Jonathan Rivers the Sales Engineer from AdJuggler on why they finally decided to exhibit at ad-tech New York and how small companies can still survive in the industry today.


From adTech in New York, Ms Write Sarah MacKay interviews Missy Ward, the the Director of Public Relations for Media Breakaway, LLC, the home of and a co founder of Affiliate Summit.

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