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Everything you need to do business is on the web. From funding to finance, setup to staffing, branding to biz-dev, co-hosts Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy have between them, more than 50 years of success in nurturing businesses to become global brands. Gillian co-founded Moz and serves on boards on four continents. Anne was a founding board member of and guided numerous Internet start-ups, including Zillow. Together, and with occasional guest experts, they break down the art of small business from the ground up.

Ricky Bolufe

Ricky Bolufe

Product Development Now

Gillian and Anne address just why marketing managers struggle to create demand for products, as recently reported. They take a look at those products and

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What Do Advisors Do?

Gillian and Anne discuss the defining characteristics of a successful advisory board and how they will benefit your startup. In your early stages you will

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Know Your Leadership Metrics

Gillian and Anne discuss the differences between management and leadership from a metrics perspective. Metrics seem to be all about management. But leadership is setting

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M&A Basics for Startups

Every entrepreneur dreams of selling the company and cashing out. It is almost a trope that founders need to have their exit in mind from

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Impact Investing Update

There is growing evidence that indicates that impact investing supports the conventional bottom line with better returns for investors. In other words, investments in impact

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Why Do Startups Fail?

Flash: the startup failure rate is considerably less than the 90 percent we hear about all the time. Since 2001 the total number of startups

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CEO Tips to Get Going

Gillian and Anne take a full look at an entrepreneur’s CEO journey and lay out strategic and tactical insights to help them plan their company’s

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