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Dream Possible


Hosted by Emmy Award Winning Producer and Podcast Host Maria Reitan, Dream Possible features profiles of professional women who have redefined success – their jobs, their industry, their hobbies, etc. These women share how they have been empowered to innovate or reimagine – both in their personal and professional lives. We learn how they dreamed it and then made their dreams possible. How did they conceive it and then make it reality? They take us through their journey.

WMR.FM Staff

WMR.FM Staff With Anna Bonavita

Anna Bonavita, founder of – a totally immersive experience with small-scale, intimate tours where you interact with locals with unique experiences. All in the

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Bella Virtu Organics With Claire Powell

Claire Powell, owner of Bella Virtu Organics and former CEO of luxury leather goods brand and retailer J.W. Hulme.

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