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Entrepreneur Effect

You are dedicated and devoted to a life of developing new ideas and innovations. Willing to take calculated career risks achieving independent wealth and success. Then you are ready to experience…The Entrepreneur Effect. The Entrepreneur Effect will highlight opportunities for entrepreneurs in digital marketing through interesting, practical and thought-provoking interviews and monologues on strategic topics such as product, positioning, pricing, packaging, and promotion. No matter the economic outlook, increase your income and be your own boss by listening to the Entrepreneur Effect.

WMR.FM Staff

WMR.FM Staff

The Perfect Day Formula

Today’s episode is about how someone can improve their life using your Perfect Day Formula and How someone creates Rules for their life.  Also the

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Remix and Umix

Dush speaks with Ken Oboh, the co-founder of Remix and Umix, two music sites that give users the power to be their own DJs.

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Shelby Larson and Content Divas

Dush welcomes Shelby Larson, the founder and co-owner of Content Divas, an SEO, content marketing, and outsourcing firm started in 2007 to provide work-from-home opportunities to

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Marketing with Pro Audio DVD Production

Marketing with Pro Audio DVD Production with David Wills from, which specializes in Training DVDs and Seminars for recording and Live Musicians.

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Providing Research Analytics

Dush welcomes Aamar Hussain, Founder of PivotFarm. Aamar is an independent trader and analyst providing research analytics to proprietary firms.

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The Jump Manual

We learn about the Jump Manual, created CPT Performance Enhancement Coach and Certified Personal Trainer Jacob Hiller, designed to help athletes with their vertical jump.

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Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Dush discusses Entrepreneurial Philanthropy with Internet Marketing Expert Imran Sadiq and Educational Provider/Internet Marketer Sandra Arntzen.

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Entrepreneurial Coaching

Talking Entrepreneurial Coaching with entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and success coach Ryan Lee. He explains how he left being a high school phys ed teacher

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From On Air to Online Entrepreneurship

From On Air to Online Entrepreneurship with guest with Chris Farrell, a full time Internet Marketer, Product Developer, Broadcaster and Writer.

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From Automobile Sales to Internet Marketing

From Automobile Sales to Internet Marketing, we learn the story of author, software developer, personal coach, social media expert and business consultant Mike Filsaime.

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