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Your customer is already mobile, so being mobile-ready and mobile FIRST should be your top priority. Whether you’re a brand marketer managing mobile advertising campaigns, an enterprise determined to super-charge your customer service, or an app developer focused on driving engagement with your app after the download, Mobile Presence is your destination for the trends, tools, and tips that will allow you to connect with your customers and increase revenues.

Daron Babin

Daron Babin

Daron is known throughout the world as one of the top SEO and SEM experts. He has taught and lectured at conferences and has trained industry-leading organizations around the world since 1997. Daron got his start in television, working as a director for NBC. In 1997 he developed an interest in search marketing when he and a friend built a website. Daron used search engines to find his way around the web and realized early on he needed to get his website to the top of search engine results. He lurked in forums and absorbed all the information he could. He learned with the first SEO experts, including Dogboy and Bob Massa. Today, he is a prominent member of the search marketing community, though he remains a broadcaster at heart. Daron believes education is a huge part of being a top search marketer and entrepreneur. What worked a few months ago might not work today. And anyone who wants to stay relevant has to keep learning. He is probably best known today for his work on WebmasterRadio.FM, the radio program that has hosted many SEO-industry luminaries.

David Skerrett of Nimbletank

David Skerrett is Managing Partner at Nimbletank, a full-service, award-winning mobile marketing agency headquartered in the U.K. – and he also is perhaps best known

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Nerdy Best Friend Beth Ziesenis

Today on Mobile Presence Shahab Zargari and Peggy Anne Salz are joined by Beth Ziesenis from is a must-read website and blog where

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Start The New Year With mCordis

Today on Mobile Presence Shahab Zargari and Peggy Anne Salz are joined by Paul Berney and Michael Becker – the founders of mCordis.  If you haven’t heard

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The Big Kahuna

Shahab Zargari and Peggy Anne Salz chat about engagement and how important it is to engage in every step of the journey.  Peggy and Shahab

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