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VC Confidential

Get the inside scoop on what VCs are thinking and where they are investing today and tomorrow.

Anne Kennedy and Gillian Muessig guide you through the opaque world of venture capital and reveal all the ways you can source capital for your company’s growth.

It’s all starts right here with Anne Kennedy and Gillian Muessig on VC Confidential!

WMR.FM Staff

WMR.FM Staff

Impact Investing & Global Wealth

Anne and Gillian continue their conversation about the effect of the Covid19 global pandemic on venture funding and the rise of ‘stakeholder capitalism’. The real

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Changing Tides for VC’s & Women

Jenn Leblanc, the author of “Changing Tides: Powerful Strategies for Female Founders” and founder herself of the Changing Tides Movement, joins Gillian and Anne to

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More VC 101 for Angels

Gillian and Anne continue by explaining what angel investors can expect when they level up to investing in venture capital funds. It’s different, and there

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How to Get to Series A

There are three critical parts to success in getting to Series A funding from conventional VC’s. Gillian and Anne talk about finding the right VC

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What are Structured Exits?

Structured exits were promoted as long ago as 2015 to angel investors as a path to earlier liquidity. What exactly does the term mean? Gillian

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IRR – What’s That?

Do you find terms like ‘discounted cash flows’ and ‘net present value’ confusing, even mysterious? This episode is for you as Gillian helps Anne understand

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Valuation: Who Cares & Why?

In their continuing mission to clarify everything investors and entrepreneurs need to know about venture capital and how it works, Gillian and Anne unsnarl the

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What is Venture Debt?

Continuing their new podcast about everything you — an investor, advisor or entrepreneur — need to know to best fund a startup, Anne and Gillian

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