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Webcology takes a deeper look at the ecosystem of the Internet as it affects webmasters and web marketers from the points of view of two well known web marketers, Jim Hedger and Dave Davies. Based on interviews with special high-profile guests or panels, Webcology introduces, explores and explains how the various segments of the web marketing world work.

WMR.FM Staff

WMR.FM Staff

Google Giveth and Google Taketh Away?

Google’s possible reversal of last week’s algorithm update; Instagram’s new killer feature that copies Snapchat; Explaining impressions, position, and clicks; No loss of PageRank for any 3xx redirect; How Google Treats Subdomains

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SEO: As Dirty As Ever?

Search engine optimization has built credibility over the years, but spammers and black-hat practitioners still give it a bad name. Jim Hedger and Dave Davies

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Why Would Microsoft Buy LinkedIn?

Why Would Microsoft Buy LinkedIn? Google search analytics report adds the ability to compare queries. Google  just made a key AI investment in Europe, tax investigations be damned.  Super polite grandma’s Google

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The Art of the SEO Audit

Discussing The Art of the SEO Audit as Jim Hedger and Dave Davies welcome Alan Bleiweiss,  a Forensic SEO audit consultant with audit client sites

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Yahoo Content Phasing Out

Yahoo Content Phasing Out as Yahoo outlined out a plan to simplify its business and focus on its four most successful content areas – News, Sports,

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