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America remains in place. A new decade begins now.

Welcome to Webcology on WMR.FM, the post-revolution edition. I call it that because something remarkable has happened in a horrible but less than disastrous way. The revolution has ended and, after four years of division, lies, distortions and horrible economics, the revolution has clearly failed. The fascists lost and, though they took the country to the brink of collapse, the traditions, institutions, and better sense of the American people held. No one doubts that those foundations stand firmly today even after the very Halls of Congress were rocked by the violent sedition of the President’s supporters yesterday in a last ditch attempt to prevent the certification of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris. Congress reconvened to complete its duty and certify the results of the election after the Trumpist terrorists had been arrested or routed from the building by the Capitol police, reinforced by the DC, Maryland, and Virginia National Guards. Mark that as the moment in time the Trumpian Revolution ended.
Donald J. Trump leaves office having destroyed the Republican Party and having squandered and lost GOP control of all houses of legislative government, the Oval Office, the House, and the Senate. Even his handpicked judicial appointments failed to break with American law when he asked them to do his bidding. After the results of a national election, 62 friviolous and failed lawsuits, the two run-off Senate races in Georgia, the failed attempt to take the very House of Government Washington DC, and the final confirmation of Biden and Harris, Donald J. Trump finally assured America that there would be a transfer of power on January 20, 2021. He conceded that it’s over and, even if he can’t concede that he lost, he’s lost and so is the movement he flounded. The fascist revolution is over and the Republic of the United States of America remains in place. A new decade begins now. Friends, welcome to 2021.
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