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Brand SERP optimisation and knowledge panel management with Jason Barnard

Jim and Dave talk about Brand SERP optimisation and knowledge panel management with Jason Barnard, the CEO and founder at Kalicube.

This is a day of reflection and contemplation in Canada. Please take care wishing us a “happy Canada Day”. Many Canadians are thinking about the buried history of cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing that made Canada. This month Canadians have been reminded of the tens of thousands of children of First Nations who died in residential schools run by religious orders after being stolen from their parents and families in a bid to destroy their cultures. Over 1300 unmarked graves have recently been discovered at three different sites with tens of thousands more remaining to be found. We still love our country, we just can’t rest on the false histories or hide behind empty nationalism any longer. To grow into the people we aspire to be, we need to honestly and truthfully tell the stories of how we got here. Canada is built on an ongoing genocide. We want to be better.

2 deaths in our community to report Russ Jones, Data scientists, conference speaker, father of three. Chief data scientist at Moz frim 2015 – 2020. Was CTO of Virante (now Hive Digital) before that. Well loved speaker and friend. Died in his sleep just short of his 40th birthday. Dan Bell Google Core Update CWV Update Spam Update Google Core update just started running this morning Jason Barnard specialises in Brand SERP optimisation and knowledge panel management. He’s also variously been a musician, a screenwriter, a songwriter and a cartoon blue dog.

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