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Apple Privacy Battle; SXSW Cyber Harassment Debate

Apple Privacy Battle and SXSW Cyber Harassment Debate among topics discussed with Bennet Kelley and his return veteran tech journalist Dan Tynan.

We learn who are the winners and losers now that the FBI has cracked the Apple Code, the controversial and heavily guarded cyber harassment summit at SXSW, plus location tracking, Twitters 10th Anniversary.

Also,a vocal group of activists and people in media circles have charged that the News Genius Web annotation tool from the startup Genius can be used to harass and abuse people online. By effectively duplicating and attaching a line-by-line comments section to any article, with or without the consent of the author, they say that Genius silences writers.

In a letter sent to Genius earlier today, Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D.,Mass.) agreed with these critics,formally asking the company to clarify what actions it is taking to prevent possible abuse. In a letter provided toRe/code, Genius said that while it appreciated Rep. Clarks thoughts on online harassment, we want to be clear that Genius does not enable abuse. This is a false narrative that has taken hold on Twitter and other outlets.

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