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Berkman Center Internet Monitor

We learn about Berkman Center Internet MonitorwithRebekah Heacock Jones,Senior Project Manager at HarvardsBerkman Center for Internet & Society, manages complex projects with research, technical development, and community organizing components.

The launch of the Berkman Center Internet Monitor dashboard, Harvards Center for Internet and Society explains it asa freely accessible tool that aims to improve information for policymakers, researchers, advocates, and user communities working to shape the future of the Internet by helping them understand trends in Internet health and activity through data analysis and visualization. . . .
The dashboard lets users customize a collection of data visualization widgetssome offering real-time dataabout Internet access and infrastructure, online content controls, and digital activity. Users can create multiple collections that enable easy comparisons across countries and data sources, and are quick to configure, edit, and share. In addition to creating their own collections, visitors to the dashboard will be able to view a selection of featured collections based on topics such as online media and network traffic around the world.

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