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CLBR #273: Hacking the Vote with Jake Braun

Voting in the United States is under attack.  On Wednesday the Supreme Court will hear arguments on partisan gerrymandering that distorts election outcomes.  Other courts have weighed in our voter suppression efforts designed to reduce voting by disfavored segments.
At the July DEFCON conference, there was a “Voting Machine Hacker Village”  which featured more than 30 pieces of equipment for hackers to try their hand at, along with a cyber training range that simulated a board of elections office network and voter registration database.  Within the first 90 minutes, hackers successfully hacked several pieces of equipment, including a machine and pollbook.
Cambridge Global Advisors’ CEO Jake Braun, who originally proposed the idea of the Voting Village,  joins us to explain how they did it and what it means for our future elections.

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