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Joel Voelzke on Supreme Court IP Cases

Supreme Court Strikes Blow Against Patent Trolls In 1990, only 1 patent lawsuit was filed in the Federal court for the Eastern District of Texas.  In the first quarter of 2017 it was 311 or 1/3rd of all patent infringement suits.Today on Cyberlaw Bennet is joined by Joel Voelkze. Joel is CLBR’s patent expert in residence and heads Voelkze IP Law in Malibu, California. Prior to establishing his own office, Mr. Voelzke was a partner at Oppenheimer Wolff Donnelly which was an international law firm at the time. Mr. Voelzke represents clients ranging in size from startup technology companies to Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Voelzke’s representative clients include: Hewlett-Packard Company; Avery Dennison Corporation; MGA Entertainment, Inc.; Magnecomp Corporation; VIS Racing Sports, Inc.;, Inc.; Menache LLC; Quiklite, Inc.; Electronics for Imaging, Inc.; New Dream Network, LLC; National R.V. Inc.; Country Coach LLC; and TechnoConcepts, Inc.

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