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Santa Monica Startup WaiveCar

Santa Monica startup WaiveCar could become the next big sharing economy disruptor. As explained by CEO Isaac Deutch:

The idea behind WaiveCar is to provide free to low cost, clean transportation alternatives for cities. We cover our costs with ad revenue via a digital display mounted on the roof of the vehicle.

The displays are not just a computer monitor besides for being military grade, the screens are smart they can display ads dynamically, including geolocated ads very cool for on street, hyper localized ads.

For now, were using the Chevy Spark EV. We have 20 cars and they get about 80 miles of range on a charge. Our first market is LA, starting in Santa Monica. From there were planning on expanding the LA fleet to 200 vehicles.

Rentals are completely FREE for the first 2 hours. We just take need to check your drivers license and have a CC on file. After 2 hours, its $5.99 / hr (not to make money, but to ensure trips are short and the system can be used by all).

We launched on Monday. If youre in Santa Monica, please download the app, stop by, and rent a car for free!

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