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Marketing to the Individual

Uniqueness, Belonging, and Marketing to the Individual as Kristien Matelski of Vizion Interactive speaks with Microsoft Behavioral Scientist Matt Wallaert. Learn from Matt about brand identity, and about the importance of making the user feel unique like a snowflake, while at the same time secure and part of a group, like a blizzard. Matt also has his own digital marketing predictions for 2016.

Matt is a behavioral scientist and entrepreneur who works at the intersection of technology and human behavior. After two successful exits, he joined Microsoft’s Bing to focus on adapting technologies to work naturally with existing paradigms of behavior to aid in both decision making and task completion, and to broaden how search removes obstacles and enables people to take action on their ideas, questions, and desires. A proponent of dual process theory, Wallaert is a passionate advocate for a methodological approach to behavior change using technology.

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