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Developing Your Intuitive Skills For More Effective Sales

Rick Snyder has been coaching since 2004 and has started 3 different businesses. The first time he launched, he had no blueprint or real mentoring on what to do. Over time, he learned from his mistakes and challenges, and eventually patchworked mentorship and help from different areas to build a successful business, which to him meant that it was also fulfilling. It wasn’t until he joined forces with EMyth in 2011 that he realized it doesn’t have to be so hard, as they already templated how to lead and systemize a business that can reflect your values and scale beyond you in the same breath.
Since then, Rick is dedicated to helping business owners define what’s most important to them in their life, and how to create or reimagine a business that expresses these principles in a meaningful and profitable way. He also is a presenter, workshop leader, and mentors other business coaches. He loves spending time outdoors, traveling, and is writing his first book. He is currently based in Oregon. 

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