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Growing A Business All Because Of Work Culture

Tody on Entrepreunuer Effect our host is joined by Scott J. Bintz. Scott, an e-commerce entrepreneur, author, and founder of  RealTruck began in the basement of a duplex in 1998, that grew into a 100+ million dollar e-commerce super-store from North Dakota. Recognized as a Top Place to work by ND Young Peoples Prairie Business Magazine. All because of work culture.  Scott would love to share his experiences and knowledge in e- commerce, marketing, or business culture with your audience. Letting people know that it does matter where you come from, you can still succeed.Grew up poor in a trailer park, single mom was a waitress. Got a grant to go to college and was in military to pay for college, got a degree in economics. Went into the wireless industry. Started the 2 year contract with discounted phone-won an award for the promo. Was demoted even though it exploded sales and commissions. Left that job and worked with a startup making pickup bed covers-set up dealers. Started his own business repping manufacturers and connected them with dealers to sell the covers. Set up a local brick and mortar and worked the trade show circuit. Talked some dealers into doing a TV ad and it worked. Bought his first online order, and started thinking that would be a good way to sell the pickup covers, by selling online with video of TV ad. Had a friend who was in school to be a web developer. None of the dealers wanted to do it. Set up a test on their own and made sales the first day they launched so he went to dealers to tell them they had to start selling online. Grew into an ecommerce company, RealTruc-started in his basement. Dropshipped everything and grew to $8million. Won an award for innovation and started looking into culture, and started identifying as an ecommerce company that sells truck accerssories. Started noticing Zappos and liked the business model and toured them and he got re-inspired to bet it all on culture. Wrote core values and put them on the wall-a year later no one embraced them!

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