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High Stakes Leadership-Leading with courage, judgment and fortitude

Today on Entrepreneur Effect our host is joined by Constance Dierickx The Decision Doctor® Author of High Stakes Leadership-Leading with courage, judgment, and fortitude. Constance helps senior executives succeed in high stakes transitions such as mergers and acquisitions, CEO succession, organizational change, and crisis. Her merger and acquisition clients succeed at a rate 400 times greater than the average.  In her new book, organizational and leadership consultant Dierickx describes high-stakes leadership in a simple, three-part model that illuminates the mindsets, strategies, and tactics leaders must draw upon to make tough decisions, take an unpopular stand, or ignore convention, providing real-world examples across a range of sectors and industries. Dierickx developed her model of high-stakes leadership to help her clients―executives at organizations ranging from start-ups to nonprofits to large, global companies―better define what they need to bring strategy to life. This, she found, is the great gulf in business, the vast space between idea and results.  

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