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Metamorphosis Energy With Preston Weekes

Preston has a rich and diverse background in both operations and design and has played a key role in successfully starting and creating rapid growth in a number of small businesses. Much of his experience comes from the automotive industry, successfully building, growing, and selling multiple automotive businesses over the past 15 years. His experience has given him extensive knowledge in the field of engines, fuels, and mechanical operations of machinery running large shops and teams in this industry. With a degree in Communications and Public Relations from Utah Valley University and a background in Architecture and Engineering technologies. He has worked as an Architectural designer for companies like Brower and Associates, Architectural Productions International, and Certified Roof Consulting, doing the design work on many office complexes, medical centers, residential applications, and LDS temples and churches he ran and design analytics for Intermountain Power Plant reviewing power plant facilities and helping balance cost expense forecasting for the plants multimillion-dollar annual budget.

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