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This Is Not The End: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life

Nina Sossamon-Pogue says she is the result of (how she handled) the plot twists of her unique life story. She’s been a successful corporate executive, an Emmy award-winning News Anchor and a member of the USA Gymnastics team. Candidly sharing the painful failures that accompanied her successes, she is the author of This is Not ‘The End’, Strategies To Get You Through The Worst Chapters of Your Life. Nina lives in Charleston, South Carolina and speaks throughout the US, inspiring audiences to envision their futures in new ways. She is an expert on resilience and she researches and writes about how highly successful individuals and companies get from adversity to achievement. Nina Sossamon-Pogue, former world-class gymnast and award-winning television personality turned successful corporate executive, pulls from decades of high, lows, and public pain to write This Is Not The End. It became the resource Nina needed when she thought her life was over and sometimes wished it was. In This Is Not The End, Nina shares candid stories of her own journey toward healing after a series of traumatic events. She uses the wisdom gained from her experience, combined with proven and practical tips, to show those going through a difficult time how to

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