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Everything About Metrics: What’s Important And What’s Not And Cap Table 101

Every startup needs a cap table, even if the only shareholders are the founder and perhaps a partner or two. As you grow, you will most likely be making awards of stock or options to advisors, employees and investors. You cap table is a summary of all transactions in your stock register, and therefore a complete record of who owns all the assets in your company. Gillian and Anne go over all the basics you need to know, as well as some online tools that make setting up and managing your cap table easy, so you can get back to the important business of growing your startup.
Gillian and Anne revisit metrics to take a deeper dive into finding the right measurements in your business for clarity and intelligence-based decisions. Rigor is critical such as what to measure, as is a comprehensive look at event streams. There is place for the broad metrics that make everyone feel good, such as numbers of downloads or clicks on an ad. But other measurements will inform how you run your business. Hear how to find such deep metrics and who in your company needs to collect them, and who needs to know the results. Everybody in your company needs to collect metrics regularly. Some metrics require daily – or more frequent tracking. Others, often those for Boards of Directors, require aggregation and monthly, quarterly, and annual tracking. Who needs what, when and where deserves your attention to be sure that your teams have the power they require to optimize your success.

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