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Half the URLs Google is now crawling are HTTP/2 which saves a lot of bandwidth

Half the URLs Google is now crawling are HTTP/2 which saves a lot of bandwidth. This would affect your crawl budget. “Using stream multiplexing and header compression, the number of connections and the bandwidth have both gone down significantly. These improvements help both our crawling as well as your website serving infrastructure.” – John Mueller at Google I/O

MUM – Big BERTa with a lot more input.
Imagine if Google knew what you wanted to wear while hiking Mt. Fuji on Friday May 21. How might it know that? MUM’s the word.
Meanwhile, over at SEJ, Roger Montti points to recent machine intelligence and learning research published by Google. Long Form Answers – making experts out of Dilatants (paper by Google researcher Donald Metler)

Google I/O
Shopping / Shoppify Partnership
Part of this, Google announced a partnership with Shopify. This allows Shopify merchants to simplify the process to feature their products across Google “in just a few clicks,” Google said. “Shopify will enable merchants to become discoverable to high-intent consumers across Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Google Images and more,” Google added.

Shopping graph – Looks at a lot more datapoints – looks at the merchant’s website, the prices, the reviews, videos and SKU and inventory data, user experiences – plus a lot more

Google Lens – Search photos to see how information from that photo (product, place, thing) might appear in search results.
Google Holographic Calling

Page Experience Ranking coming to Desktop environment

Core Web Vitals URL Grouping

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