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How Unconscious Bias Holds You Back

Anne Gillian revisit bias from a fresh perspective — how are your unconscious biases affecting the decisions you make in your business, for example in forming your marketing strategy, or seeking funding. They look more deeply at the definition of bias, which is actually a neutral attribute, and find it is hard wired into each and every one of us. What to do? They surface the question asked by Rand Fishkin (full disclosure, Gillian’s son and co-founder at Moz.) “How is my cultural conditioning biasing me.?” From there Anne brings up another new perspective on gender bias, this one from Jennifer Palmieri, Communications Director for the US Democratic presidential candidate in 2016, the first woman to be nominated by a major US party. Palmieri questions whether we are on the right track to end bias when we expect women to be and act according to the rules men have set, and she asks if there is a better way. 

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