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Immigrants Build Great Businesses – Eveline Buchatskiy, One Way Ventures

Gillian Anne chat with Eveline Buchatskiy, co founder of One Way Ventures, a fund for investing in startups by immigrants. What was the business opportunity she and her co-founder discovered? While managing Techstars in Boston, they noted their most successful investments were founded by immigrants. They decided to focus on the persona – the immigrant, especially  founders whose immigration experience is highly formative. The very fact that a person has left their home to immerse themselves into a new language, culture, and environment creates character. Dealing with a lot of ambiguity adds to character. You have no Plan B. You develop ability to cope with change, grit, determination, drive to succeed, and you work with limited resources in an optimized manner. You do a lot with very little — all positive things required for entrepreneurship.

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