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Ian Fernando | Affiliate Marketer, Ad Buyer, Amazon FBA Genius

Ian Fernando is an industry veteran with over 15 years in business, he talks about all the recent changes and how he has had to adapt. Ian has been on the internet for over 15 years and here is what he’s have done so far. Online marketing is forever changing. Ian has survived multiple apocalypses. All it takes is grit and the evolution of your mindset. Only you can create your journey. He talks about his ups and downs of online marketing, specifically affiliate marketing. Ranging from case studies to reviews. With the evolution of eCommerce, Ian started his journey with Amazon FBA and have generated well over 5 figures in his first year. Unlike other marketing gurus, he actually does the marketing. Ian buys the traffic from different ad networks and promotes a range of offers. Ian needed to solve his own problem he was having in the industry and within just 2 years of public release, it was sold to a firm in Atlanta. We also talk about Weeks of quarantine and when will it end? As well as talk about how the world will change in the coming months and Vegas’s plan for reopening in the middle of May.

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