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How Scott Richter Became The King of Slots; The Affiliate Ball Goes Virtual

Today on internet traffic kings we bring on some amazing experts to help you make some changes in your life and attitude. During this time we have the ability to refocus and try to take life by the horns. First were by Scott “Raja” Richter. Scott is the founder and CEO of Media Breakaway, LLC, which is part of The Parking Place, and Richter‘s endeavors have grown to include successful restaurants in the Denver area. Most recently, he launched The Big Jackpot slot channel on YouTube. We talk about how he went from Bankruptcy to growing a 200 Million dollar company and now is “the king of slots” broadcasting his live slot play to tens of thousands of people and how life changed being an internet celebrity. Then we’re joined by Darren Blatt. Darren is the CEO of the Affiliate Ball Virtual Expo scheduled for June 3 – 5, 2020. The Affiliate Ball is the largest business to business party at the digital marketing trade shows.

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