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What The Data Says About Turning Marketing Leads Into Sales

What The Data Says About Turning Marketing Leads Into Sales with Sammy James. Sale’s is a conversation, so how can you expect to sell if that conversation never happens, or doesn’t happen fast enough? On today’s show, Brian chats with Sammy James, CEO and founder of Speak2Leads, automated lead response and follow-up tool.

What The Data Says



Sammy is a sales and marketing guru with experience in media, radio, tech, and advertising. He understands the nuances of sales and the challenges marketers face when working with their sales teams, most importantly that salespeople are humans too, not cold-calling machines immune to rejection or sales inertia.

Founded in San Diego, CA, in January 2010, Speak2Leads (S2L) is a pioneer in Internet lead response management for small and mid-sized businesses. Their intuitive, web and phone-based lead response application boosts sales by enabling companies to immediately speak to potential customers when they’re most interested – now.

Listen in to hear the full conversation.

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